Blackstar Canyon star party 07/29/06
By: Steve Short
August 3, 2006 5:58PM PDT
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I was surprised so many people (maybe 10 cars) showed up at Black Star when the sky was so heavy in clouds. But at least 3 cars were people from the beginner's telescope class so they did not know what to expect. We had some OCA members too, like Greg Freeman and they patiently waited for the few moments when some stars appeared for a little while.

We started the evening off with an astronomy presentation about the planets, stars and galaxies and then I showed people how to align a Meade telescope using Autostar...even though we could not see any stars. But Jupiter did come into view later along with a few stars so I was able to give a partial night sky tour with a green laser.

A guest of Chela Marin named Judy had so much fun she filled out an application and wrote a check to become a member of OCA. We closed the gate a little after 11 PM and the temp was still a warm 70 F.


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