Episode 5 of the OCATV's Cable TV show TONIGHT!
By: Liam Kennedy | Source: Look Up Tonight
October 14, 2003 2:47PM PDT
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Turn your cable TV to COX channel 31 tonight at 11pm to see Episode 5 of the OCATV's Cable TV Show.

This episode features highlights from the September 2003 meeting of the OCA where the main speaker was OCA VP Jole Harris who gave a presentation on the very rare Venus transit ocurring in 2004.  Chris Butler did another excellent job with the What's Up presentation this month.  At the end of the show is a very short piece showing the crowds of people viewing Mars at the UCI and Irvine Valley Collegs Mars viewing events in August.

More details here

Image shown is a featured artistic rendering of Mars created by Chris Butler.  It highlights (and only slightly exagerates) the perception of many members of the public on just how big Mars will be on this very special close approach.

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