Blackstar party 12/24/05
By: Steve Short
December 26, 2005 11:40PM PDT
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We opened up Blackstar Canyon at 4:10 PM which gave enough daylight time for Matt & his wife along with Don to set up their LX200 Meade 10" scopes. Hassi came by to show his friend David from New York a darker sky full of interesting objects in his 6" scope. Butch dropped by with his Celestron scope and Sally from Newport Beach brought out her scope that had not been used for 15 years. We also had another visitor Chris come by and he had fun looking at objects we showed him. Later Barbara Toy an Allan Smallbone drove in to see what we were up to. The night was dark and clear until fog rolled in about 10 PM. Temps were warm for December an only dropped to 51 F by 10:30 PM. We also saw a few meteors from the Ursid shower.

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