New OCA Loaner Scope Coordinator
By: Hassi Norlén
November 24, 2005 9:10PM PDT
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This is to let you know that we now have a new coordinator for the Loaner Scope program.  Mike Myers has generously volunteered to take that over from Bob Bell, whose schedule has become extremely crowded since he took that on.  Mike tells me that he has room for the scopes between times they're loaned out, and that he will be able to make repairs and improvements to the scopes as needed.
Mike's contact information for the Loaner Scope program is:  714-240-8458,
We owe a lot of thanks to Bob for all he's done to keep the Loaner Scope program going and to strengthen it over the time he's managed it.  And many thanks to Mike for volunteering to take this on!

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Barbara Toy
OCA Member Liaison

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