Wine, Dinner, and The Universe at The Science Cafe -- Nov 15
By: Brian C Hart | Source: Southern California Science Cafe
November 13, 2005 10:33AM PDT
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The Universe

Wine, Dinner, and The Universe: At The Science Cafe
Nov. OC Sigma Xi: Cosmology: Explorations of The Light and Dark Universe

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 Dinner: 7:00 PM Speaker: 8:00PM

Cosmology is the study of the structure, contents, and evolution of the universe as a whole. This talk will explore the basics of cosmology, including what we know about the early universe, the evidence for dark matter, the formation of structure and, ultimately, the formation galaxies like the Milky Way. Prof. Elizabeth Barton will also describe the evidence for the new, mysterious "dark energy" that appears to be accelerating the expansion of the universe. This promises to be exciting. If you're riveted by Cosmology -- which is the scientific tudy of the structure and evolution of the Universe -- then you'll want to catch the latest results.

LECTURE: At 8:00 PM, the Lecture is FREE and Open to the Public

WINE AND DINNER: Come join us at 7PM, one hour before the talk, for wine and dinner with the chapter members.

Menu: Beef Tri-Tip with Complimentary Wine


Dinner cost: $25.00 per person at 7 PM- FREE for Lecture only at 8 PM
May be made at the door or online at the link below

Where: Jolly Roger Restaurant
           604 W Katella Ave
           Anaheim, CA 92802
           (714) 772-7621

Vegeterian Meals Available - Phone Restaurant Up to 24 Hours in Advance

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