Beginner's Classes
By: Kyle Coker
January 26, 2013 11:52AM PDT
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If you are new to astronomy or just a little rusty and would like to be brought up to speed then check out the beginner's classes.  They are held on the first Friday of each month (except January and  July) at the Centennial Heritage Museum (formerly the Discovery Museum of Orange County) at 3101 West Harvard Street in Santa Ana, just West of Fairview Avenue, between Edinger and Warner.  Topics include: What's Up There, Instruments, Finding Astronomical Objects, Bring Your Own Scope, and Astrophotography.   These classes are small and interactive and presented by knowledgeable instructors from the club.  The classes begin at 7:30 and last until about 9:30.  They are open to both members and the public.  Non members will also be entitled to a pass to that month's  star parties at our dark sites in Black Star Canyon and Anza.

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