08/14/10 BSC star party recap
By: Steve Short
August 16, 2010 1:31AM PDT
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Kurt brought out his big 17.5" mirror DOBS and pointed out an Iridium flare I had missed. I heard that his scope showed Saturn's big moon Titan which was not visible in mine.

The evening started with the planetary trio of bright Venus, Mars overhead and Saturn to the far right. It was a nice grouping with Saturn getting all the wows! Venus did look like a half moon and Mars was too far away to see any detail.

I heard that Don McClelland showed Jean M31, the Andromeda Galaxy which I finally located later in the evening for interested bystanders. I had trouble with my scope tracking so manually found M57, the Ring Nebula and showed it to many of the guests along with double star Alberio. I heard that M51 was hard to find but I did locate Asteroid Ceres.

Jupiter came into view around 10 pm and moon IO was near the edge of the planet all alone on the east side but quickly passed in front of the planet and we were able to see the small black shadow it cast on Jupiter. I also moved the scope onto Uranus and we could see its small bluish-green disc.

Even a faint Milky Way could be seen stretching from the Teapot's spout up through the Summer Triangle. We had another great BSC star party!!!

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