01/09/2010 BSC star party recap
By: Steve Short
January 10, 2010 1:37AM PDT
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I opened the gate at 4:20 pm and Val Akins was already at the gate waiting. The sky was very cloudy and it was a mild 63 F. I had hoped to see the 4:31 ISS pass but neither one of us saw it. Later Hassi joined us and we had a number of other people show up including new member Steve Wilkins and friend Jerry, Garry & Sue, Tom, Daniel, Danielle & Adrienne. After dark we had new members Cade Smith & his Dad Steve show up just in time to see Mars peaking in and out of the clouds.

Earlier we did get to barely see Jupiter but no details and we never could see the Galilean moons. Capella was visible much of the evening and we sometimes say Aldebaran and the Hyades. Finally we were able to see the Pleiades and then later Orion and even the Orion Nebula.

Val was having fun using a new small (FL=300) Celestron First Scope I brought out. He managed to find and see most everything visible with a 20 mm eyepiece (15X power).

But nothing was visible very long and by 9 pm it was down to 50 F and everyone left. I was able to shut down and close the gate at 9:30. Let’s hope we get clear skies in February.


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