06/13/09 BSC star party recap
By: Steve Short
June 15, 2009 4:28PM PDT
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I opened the gate at 7:20 PM even though the entire sky was overcast. I did set up my scope to take a quick peak at the sun (with filter on of course) but it dropped out of sight  fast.

So I was about to pack up and go home a little after 8 PM when Ron (from the beginners class) drove in and a little later we had another class member John show up. We talked for awhile and I showed them how the Meade GoTo scopes go through the alignment process.

But the overcast persisted so we left and I closed the gate about 9:20 PM, still in a short sleeve shirt as the temp remained about 66 F. Hopefully the June Gloom will go away by the next star party in July.

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