Saturday 10/04/08 BSC star party Recap
By: Steve Short
October 5, 2008 8:35PM PDT
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I reluctantly opened the gate just after 6 PM with the sky totally clouded over with a few drops of rain drizzle. We had a family of 4 come out that had been at the beginner's class...but the father is no beginner. In fact he seems to know the sky well and has a 10" Meade Light Bridge.

While discussing astronomy and the OCA, waiting for it to get dark, we all got to see a bob cat cross the dirt road between us and the gate. Then the sky cleared up in small patches over the next few hours and we could see Jupiter, Sagattarius and some star clusters, Cassiopeia, Pegasus & the Andromeda Galaxy, the Summer Triangle, etc. We called it quits about 8 PM.

This family plans to join the OCA at the next meeting so lets welcome them into the club Friday evening. They even brought me the latest (October) Orange Coast Magazine that has a nice article about the OCA and the BSC star parties.

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