03/29/08 BSC star party recap
By: Steve Short
March 30, 2008 9:24PM PDT
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What a shame, the sky was totally blocked out by clouds most of the time. I was just barely able to go through an alignment as Sirius would go in and out of view as would a few other stars. But then there was total cloud cover so we did not get to do any viewing.

We had seven cars come out including some vistors (Keith & Mindy) and two new member families. One family had a son named Alex who set up their 8" telescope but the other family (Jim & Debie Chiapuzio & their son) wisely did not set up their 11" Celestron.

I went through an astronomy talk about what we can expect to see in small telescopes. The cloud cover persisted so everyone left around 9 pm and I picked up the red flashing lights and closed up about 9:20 pm.

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