Seeing in the Dark
By: Matthew Ota | Source: Astronomy Magazine
July 27, 2007 12:58PM PDT
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For those of you amateur astronomers that get Astronomy Magazine,
this is not new news for you.

But Timothy Ferris, a world renowned author and lecturer on amateur
astronomy, has made a television show based on his book "Seeing in the

As you may recall, the book "Seeing in the Dark" is not about the
science of astronomy, but about why people do astronomy. It captured
the essence of amateur astronomy like no other book.

This new telesvision documentary will promote the passion of amateur
astronomy to the general public in a way that has not been done since
the series "The Astronomers" aired in the 1980s.

It will be on PBS on September 19.

There is a QuickTime video trailer online at Astronomy Magazine's web
page. The trailer includes some great footage of astronomy outreach
activities, astroimaging, asteriod searches, and footage of Stephen
James O'Meara observing through a large antique refractor.

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