06/09/07 BSC Recap
By: Steve Short
June 11, 2007 5:56PM PDT
Views: 5857

People were looking at bright Venus through binoculars as I pulled up at 7:30 pm to open the gate. I never did see Mercury but Jupiter was blazing bright as the sun set and it was t-shirt weather (62F). The four moons were bright dots clearly visible all night.

We did get to see the Iridium flare go off at 8:24 and by that time Saturn was visible along with moon Titan far to the East and a few others later as it got darker. After 10 pm the red spot showed up on Jupiter and was observed by some. We even had some imagers out Saturday getting some fine digital pictures on their laptops.

Scorpius rose as the night progressed with red Antares shining bright. Many did view the four Messier objects in Scorpius (M4, M80, M6 & M7) along with M13 in Hercules and many other favorites as the evening went by. We had a number of first time visitors to BSC and some told me they had way more fun that they had expected.



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