11/11/06 Blackstar Canyon star party recap
By: Steve Short
November 12, 2006 11:40PM PDT
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I got to the gate at 4:30 pm, no one was there and the sky was 90% clouded over. I waited until 5 pm thinking I would put a "Cancelled star party" sign up when some people showed up that were astronomy students of (an OCA member) Mike's city class. I opened the gate for Mike, Curt and their students and wouldn't you know...we did get several hours of clear sky around 6:30 pm. Some of Mike's students took home club brochures and are considering joining OCA.

Then we had several OCA members show up along with two visitors from last month, who signed up for memberships as they got out their Dobs and binoculars. Kevin showed up along with Antonio and even Black Star Canyon resident Judy. Hassi dropped by for awhile too so we ended up with 10 cars. We were able to see the Andromeda Galaxy with the naked eye and the Ring Nebula looked good...as did double star Alberio and many other objects.

So what looked like a busted star party turned into a nice viewing evening...and the few people still there at 9:30 pm packed up when we got a light drizzle.


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