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OCA Members ... Are you published yet?
By: Liam Kennedy
August 14, 2003 2:01AM PDT
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Within the club we have many members who are honored when their work is published in newsletters, magazines, newspapers, books and many other media.  OCA Members can now record the details of these publications directly to the web site. 

For instance in recent weeks Pat Stoker has had one of his great Jupiter Images shown in the Orange County Register.   In addition Wally Pacholka has had his recent fantastic "signature" shots of Mars against Poodle Rock featured on the NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day site (APOD)

Just go to the publishing area here and login.  You will then be able to create or edit the details of your published work.

If you have been published in 2003 (or at any other time) please do share the information with all of us.  We REALLY want to know

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