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“When We Left Earth”
By: Shelia B Cassidy
January 22, 2009 9:52PM PDT
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Although this collection of the 50 years of NASA is fresh off the viewing channels it is well worth picking up. Most of the astronauts that went to the moon are now in their late 60’s or 70’s. After all, it was 37 years since the last flight of Apollo. The interviews with Neil Armstrong, first to set foot on the moon, are a rarity and make this collection all the more desirable just for that. There is more on the Shuttle and the robotic spaces explorers as well. I still remember celebrating the Viking Mars Landers at the Pasadena Hilton rooftop café when a line of thunderstorms forced all of us to move inside. Of course, the old NASA footage has been re-mastered in HD with a splendid narration by Gary Sinise and a music score that fits the program. Best of all is over 4 hours of bonus material not seen when the original series was run first on the Discovery Channel and then on the Science Channel. I watched both presentations and came away as awed the second time as the first. Knowing what I do now, it is a wonder that they were able to accomplish this feat at that time. Most of the Apollo astronauts will soon pass on and so will their stories. This is a rare chance to hear them tell about their experiences in their own words. And of course the Shuttle program will also be shut down in a few years as NASA transfers to the Orion Project. So this is truly a look at what will be a lost era – but what we hope will be a prologue to the return of man to the moon and beyond.

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