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OCA Member Area Signup

Basic OCA Membership data is uploaded to the OCA's web site about twice per month.

If you are a member of the OCA you will need to use this page to generate a password for your account to allow access to the new members area. You may also use this page if you have previously activated your account and you have forgotten your password.

We have to match you to your specific membership details stored on our web site (and we have to of course be certain that you are who we think you are).

We have on file the email addresses for every member. When you correctly identify yourself to us we can then send an email to you with your username and password.

Please enter the first line of your Sirius Astronomer mailing label in the box below and then hit the submit button.

First line of Sirius Astronomer Label

In most cases the first line will simply be your first name followed by your last name. However it may be a little different depending on whether you have more than one member in your household. For instance it could be "Fred & Nora Jones".

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