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Star Clusters

Note: Copyrights for these images belong to the photographers. To receive permission to use any image, please contact the photographer.

Thumb Object By Equipment Film
M7, 21 June 1998 (54KB) Rick Steiner 4" f/5.8 refractor Kodak Royal Gold 1000
M13 - Hercules Globular 58KB Dave Kodama 11" f/5 SCT Kodak PPF 400
M13 - Hercules Globular 114KB Dean Jacobsen 11" SCT @f/3.3 SBIG ST-7 CCD
M13 - Hercules Globular 19KB Michael Cunningham 10" SCT f/10 Pictor 416XT CCD
M13 - Hercules Globular 54KB Arnie Rosner Takahashi Mewlon 300 f/11.9 SBIG ST8 w/color whl
M46 & M47 - open clusters in Puppis 70KB Rick Steiner 4" f/5.8 refractor Fuji Super-G 800
NGC 5139 - Omega Centauri 23KB Robert Schmidt 90mm f/5.6 Mak Fuji Super-G 800
NGC 5139 - Omega Centauri 27KB | 142KB Unknown no info no info
NGC 6910 - "Rocking Horse" 17KB Michael Cunningham 10" f/10 SCT Pictor 416XT CCD

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