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The colorful region around Rho Ophiuchi (above right of center, embedded in blue nebulosity). Blue areas are dust lit up by hot blue stars (reflection nebulae), red areas are glowing hydrogen clouds (emission nebulae), and dark areas are dust clouds. The brightest star is Antares (below center), and to its lower left and upper right are Tau and Sigma Scorpii, respectively. M4 is just to the right of Antares.

Photographer - Dave Kodama
Settings and Equipment - 135mm Nikkor lens at f/3.5; piggybacked on C-11; two 40 min exposures on Kodak PPF negative film, ISO 400; scanned and digitally stacked.
Location, Date and Time - Riverside Telescope Makers Conference (Camp Oakes near Big Bear City, CA), 23 May 1998.

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