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Photographer - Pacholka, Wally
Settings/Equipment - 35mm camera with std 50mm lens on a tripod
Location, Date and Time - California desert area of Joshua Tree National Park
Other Information - A brilliant Leonid meteor is seen lighting up the dark desert skies of the California desert area of Joshua Tree National Park. This meteor is seen here streaking between the constellations of the Pleiades (7 sisters) and Taurus the Bull. Mars is also located just above Taurus. This "falling star" was one of thousands seen with 2-3 meteors being seen per second at the peak of the show.

More sky images can be seen at
http://www.AstroPics.com as well as tips for taking meteor photos.

Contact info: wally@AstroPics.com 562-397-0591

Wally Pacholka

Walter D Pacholka - Controller, Downey Operations
Ornance and Tactical Systems
email: wdpacholka@dny.gd-ots.com
Voice: (562-904-7720) Fax: (562) 904-7497

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