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Comet Hyakutake is at lower right of center. It was barely visible to the eye in the twilight. Also visible are (l to r):
- the young crescent moon (overexposed) surrounded by the Hyades
- Venus (upper right of moon)
- the Pleiades (forming a triangle w/moon and Pleiades)
- Mercury (directly below Pleiades)
- Capella (bright star top center)
- Perseus dominates the right half of the image

Photographer - Aaron Imaoka
Settings/Equipment - 35mm lens at f/2.8; ~1 min unguided exp. on Fuji Provia slide film pushed to 1600; scanned and image processed.
Location, Date and Time - OCA observing site near Anza, CA; 21 Apr 1996, ~0330 UT.

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