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A wide-field image centered on Zeta Orionis, the easternmost star of Orion's belt. The brightest nebula is NGC 2024 ("Flame" Nebula). The fainter red nebulosity is IC 434, upon which is superimposed the well-known dark nebula B33, or the Horsehead Nebula (upside-down in this image). The bluish reflection nebula NGC 2023 is also visible around the star to the left of Zeta.

Photographer - Rick Steiner
Settings/Equipment - Astrophysics Traveller refractor (105mm f/5.8) @ prime focus, Super Polaris mount; 16 min manually-guided exp. on Fuji Super-G 800.
Location, Date and Time - OCA Anza site; 1 March 1998, ~0700 UT.

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