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FAQs about the OCA Image Gallery

Can I use these images for my own personal purposes?

This issue is discussed in detail here.

Can I do my own image processing on these images?

You are more than welcome to do your own image processing to these images. However, they have already been processed and compressed to a considerable extent, in order to be small enough to send via modem in a reasonable amount of time (most of us have a short attention span). So, additional image processing will probably not result in a significant gain of detail.

Because of the image processing that we do, these images cannot be considered as a reliable source of data. If you think you discover a new comet or asteroid in an image, please notify us first so that we can check the original image before you call CBAT!

How do I submit images to the Image Gallery?

See the Submitting Images to the Gallery page.

How are the Kuhn Telescope images taken?

See the Kuhn Telescope FAQs page.

FAQs about Kuhn Telescope Images

Send comments/submissions to the Image Gallery administrator. .

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