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RTMC 2001.
A report by Liam Kennedy

Below are some photos of OCA Members and our activity at this years RTMC. It has been customary for many years for the OCA members to meet for a group photo. We definitely did not get everyone who went this year - but as you can see below - we did get quite a few.

OCA Photo - click to enlarge
OCA Group photo - RTMC 2001
photo digitally stitched together by Michael Cunningham
(he is the one behind the camera)

The OCA Booth

OCA Booth - click to enlarge
photo by Michael Cunningham
  The OCA Booth was manned this year as usual by Roy and Cathy Weinberger.
Cathy busy on the booth.  

photo by Michael Cunningham

The OCA Shuttle

the OCA Shuttle - click for larger image  

The OCA's official support for the RTMC was in helping to move people from their parking to/from the main event.

We used my own car for this task - and ran practically continuously from 8:30am until nearly 9pm.

We had four drivers for the day. Anna Kennedy was driving for around 5 hours of the day. Tim Hogle helped out for 30 minutes and Barbara Toy drove for about an hour (I drove for a couple of hours). Thanks to all those who helped!

We managed to ferry probably several hundred people throughout the day - and it was great fun introducing new visitors to the RTMC (and our club of course).

In total we drove 75 miles during the day at an average of 9.8 mpg!

  Shuttle driver - click for larger image


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June 8th 2001

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