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The crew members of Shuttle mission STS 107

Commander: Rick D. HusbandPayload Commander: Michael P. AndersonMission Specialist 4: Laurel Blair Salton ClarkMission Specialist 2: Kalpana ChawlaPayload Specialist 1: Ilan RamonPilot: William C. McCoolMission Specialist 1: David M. Brown

Our thoughts and prayers are turned towards the family, friends and colleagues of the crew.

Tribute to the Columbia Crew... Artists Impression of the Shuttle.
Report by Liam Kennedy -- 2/7/2003

We all have our own way of dealing with this tragic accident. As a web developer I feel I am helping out in my own small way by creating these pages with what is hopefully interesting and relevant information. The process (for me at least) is somehow quite cathartic while at the same time also being saddening. I cannot quite describe what my feelings are as I am looking at and working on the images of the accident sent to me by our members. It is as if by working on the images, in some small way, connects me with the brave crew of seven adventurers.

What would you do if you were an Artist? OCA Member and International Space Artist Chris Butler has spent his time using his artistic skills to create what I feel is a striking tribute to the crew. Somehow the image for me is both beautiful and then at the same time, as I notice the artistic rendition of the possible problems with the left wing and the debris trailing behind, realization comes to me as what this image is really saying.

Thank you Chris for sharing this with us.

Chris Butler, as well as being a Space Artist of international aclaim, is also the regular presenter of the clubs "What's Up" presentation at our monthly meetings. Chris and his family are very much connected with the space program. His Father worked on the re-entry/command module for the Apollo program.

You can find out more information about Chris Butler by visiting his web site.

Report by Liam Kennedy. 2/7/2003

Columbia Shuttle Articles

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Artists Tribute to Columbia Crew

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NEW 2/8: Powerpoint Presentation from NASA of Left Wing Sensor Failures

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