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The crew members of Shuttle mission STS 107

Commander: Rick D. HusbandPayload Commander: Michael P. AndersonMission Specialist 4: Laurel Blair Salton ClarkMission Specialist 2: Kalpana ChawlaPayload Specialist 1: Ilan RamonPilot: William C. McCoolMission Specialist 1: David M. Brown

Our thoughts and prayers are turned towards the family, friends and colleagues of the crew.

First tragic moments of the breakup of Shuttle STS 107 captured on video by OCA Member.

OCA Member and longtime President John Sanford captures first moments of the tragic breakup of shuttle STS 107 from his home near Springville California.

UPDATE 2/7/2003: check out the Animations of possible initial "separation" events of Columbia over California.

John was observing the reentry of the space shuttle as it passed north of his home near Springville CA. He was also recording the event on his digital camcorder at the exact time (as he found out later) that Houston first reported abnormal instrumentation reports from the Shuttle (at 5:53am PST). This video may prove to be a critical piece of evidence in the investigation. John is submitting the original tape of his video directly to NASA and he has already spoken with NASA officials. You may also get to see this video on the NBC network.

I asked John to describe what he saw and if he realized what had happened at the time or if he only found out after viewing later television broadcasts of the tragic event he had witnessed and captured on his video.

"It was low in the north starting in the NW and traveling to the ENE. It never got more than about 15d above the horizon. They say it went right over SF but I guess they must have been fogged in because none of their video has shown up (yet).

It didn't occur to me, as the events were typical of satellite reentry's I'd seen. But on thinking about it and then hearing about the loss of radar returns I got to thinking. There were 2 "separation events" which were small but visible on my tape. I now believe there should not have been any... Also the Shuttle was probably too bright. It appears brighter than -2 which is unusual for the Shuttle, especially at 90d angle... "

John Sanford. Starhome. Springville CA

Below are three frames from the video footage (note the arrows and pointers are added to indicate the position of the debris believed to be falling off Columbia)...

Report by Liam Kennedy. 2/2/2003

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NEW 2/8: Powerpoint Presentation from NASA of Left Wing Sensor Failures

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