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(FREE and open to the public)
Friday October 12th, 2007, 7:30pm
at Chapman University Directions. News about parking restrictions.

LCROSS - Return to the Moon with a Splash!

Dave Radosevich, Sub Project Manager Project LCROSS, Northrop Grumman


OCA member Dave Radosevich will present an in-depth view of the science, purpose and construction of the LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) spacecraft. During the talk, Dave will show photos and video provided by NASA of the construction of this unique spacecraft.
The mission will climax into an explosive ending as the spacecraft will literally probe for water deep inside the south pole of the moon.

Dave Radosevich is a long time member and past president of the
club. He has been employed at Northrop Grumman for over 17 years, and has has managed several satellite programs such as GRO, Milstar, TDRESS, EOS, and now LCROSS. Dave is an SPM (Sub Project Manager) overseeing satellite construction in Harness, Structures, Batteries, and Solar Array.

Outside work Dave, of course, is an amateur astronomer first - satellite builder second! Dave currently owns many telescopes and observatories both at home and at Anza and is involved in many of the clubs functions.

For more information on the LCROSS mission, go to http://lcross.arc.nasa.gov


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