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Friday February 14th 2003 7:30pm

Featured Speaker

Dr Gary L. Peterson, Professor of Geology
San Diego State University Department of Geological Sciences

"Venus: Exploring the Inferno"

Venus is about the same mass and composition as the Earth. However, surface conditions are radically different. The 243-day rotation rate has allowed photochemical dissociation to transform all water and other gases into a dense carbon dioxide and nitrogen atmosphere and a greenhouse effect has transformed to surface temperature into an inferno. The Russian landers together with the American Pioneer and Magellan radar imagery provide views of a world of lava flows, craters with flow ejecta, volcanoes, volcanic domes and a wide array of other igneous features comparable to many recorded on Earth.

Dr Gary Peterson

Dr Peterson returns to the OCA to give another of his very stimulating and thought provoking talks. Prior talks have been on topics such as "Why is Mars Red".

This is a meeting not to be missed!

Dr Gary L. Peterson, Professor of Geology
San Diego State University / San Diego CA 92182-1020
Ph. (619) 594-5594 FAX (619) 594-4372





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