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Episode 7of Look Up Tonight!
by Liam Kennedy December 2nd 2003

Airing dates/times

Tuesday nights at 11pm on December 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd on COX Channel 31 (30 minutes)

Program contents

  • Highlights from the What's Up from the October 2003 meeting of the OCA at Chapman University
  • Highlights of the presentation by past OCA president John Sanford "5 Years at Starhome". All about construction of his 2-story observatory built near the town of Springville, CA.
  • Ask an Astronomer segment "What causes an Eclipse of the Moon". A special short segment produced by the Astronomers from the Public Outreach group of the SIRTF Science Center of Caltech/JPL.

Program Notes

This month we again feature highlights from the wonderful What's Up presentation by Chris Butler. Chris's presentation features great detailed information on the planets visible through November and December. Chris also details the winter constellations and the astronomical sights we all have in store. Of particular note is Chris's featuring of more great member astrophotographs

Between the What's Up and main presentation we feature a short video segment called "Ask an Astronomer". This video was produced by the Public Outreach group of the SIRTF Science Center at Caltech/JPL. Doris Daou presents "What Causes and Eclipse of the Moon". This topic is especially relevant coming so soon after the recent lunar eclipse of November 8th. Look for more of these segments each month. The Ask An Astronomer videos have been re-purposed with permission from the SIRTF Science Center Web Site.

The main presentation features highlights from "Mr OCA" John Sanford (many times past OCA President) all about his 2-story observatory called "Starhome".

Program Editing notes.

The first thing you'll notice that is different about this show will be the opening graphics. Up until now we have had a very simple set of opening graphics with the title of "Look Up Tonight" being shown in a straight text font. This month I created something a little different and tried to convey the concept of what "Look Up Tonight!" actually means. The opening sequence uses the now famous photograph planetary alignment shot by Greg Pyros and another great astrophoto by Dave Kodama. Thanks Greg and Dave for permission to use your Astrophotos

The next change to the program is that we shot the narration actually at the OCA Anza observatory... instead of in the usual place at the Studio. This being a totally new place for us to shoot from it did present some challenges but I think you'll agree we managed to do a pretty good job. It was fun for everyone to do it this way and we'll look forward to doing the narration in this way in the future (although I am sure we'll continue to ask for the use of the studio of Pyros Pictures for future shows anyway).

Credits for Episode 7

For handling the video taping at the meeting...

Jim and Brian Norman, Reg Salcido

For helping "on-location" at the OCA Anza observatory

Jim and Brian Norman, Tom Kucharski

For providing permission to re-use their astro-photos for the opening graphics.

Greg Pyros and Dave Kodama

For the continued use of a U-Matic 3/4" video deck.

Greg Pyros of Pyros Pictures

For permission to feature the "Ask An Astronomer" videos

Doris Daou of the SIRTF Science Center of Caltech/JPL


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