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Episode 5 of Look Up Tonight!
by Liam Kennedy October 7th 2003

Airing dates/times

Tuesday nights at 11pm on October 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th on COX Channel 31 (30 minutes)

Program contents

Highlights from the September 2003 meeting of the OCA at Chapman University
Highlights of the What's Up by Chris Butler
Highlights of the main presentation by OCA VP Joel Harris on the upcoming very rare Venus Transit in 2004
Very short segment showing crowds of public viewing Mars at the UCI and Irvine Valley College public Mars viewing events in August.

Program Notes

The taping of the September meeting went without a hitch with the support of the OCATV SIG members (Jim, Brian Norman and myself).

The introductory / narrative segments were taped again in the studios of Pyros Pictures in Costa Mesa. Greg Pyros was busy working at the time of the setup/taping so the OCATV SIG members setup the lighting.

We setup the studio on Wednesday September 17th and this time we also did the taping on the same night. This was the first time we had done both the setup and taping in one evening... but it all went pretty smoothly as we pretty much knew what we were all doing. This seems to be a good way of doing things, saves time, so we will be doing the same next time.

Equipment used.

In the taping we again used three cameras instead of the usual two. We decided to keep the house lights up a little more than previously and to swap the front/side camera around from their usual positions. The best camera I have is the Sony VX2000 which has very good color capabilities in low light conditions. As the side camera is almost exclusively used to get shots of the speaker I decided to use the best camera I have on the side of the lecture hall. With the lights up... this camera produced excellent quality video of the speaker that is far improved over prior months efforts. I then used the second best camera (Sony TRV 900) as the front camera capturing primarily the slides and shots of the speaker from the front. I then had a spur-of-the-moment decision to use the small TRV22 camera to capture "odd" shots of the meeting from various vantage points around the hall. My intention was to use some of these shots to create some interesting transitional frames in the post production.

Program Editing notes.

As is usual... I never quite have the time available that I would like to spend n the post-production editing of the program. I also added an additional bit of work for myself by having the footage from three cameras to deal with rather than just the usual two. All the footage from the tapes are transferred onto my computer editing system and as DV takes up 13GB of space per hour of video I now have a LOT of hard drives hanging off my system. Probably the major difference this time is the way I treated the slides in Chris Butlers what's up presentation. Chris gave me his presentation on CD-ROM and this allowed me to insert high-resolution images of his slides into the video rather than using the captured footage at the meeting. The video of his slides was still very important as that allowed me to correctly place the slides into the video at the correct time. Hopefully you will notice an improvement in the quality of the slides in the What's Up section this time.

I delivered the tape to COX on October 2nd.

Credits for Episode 4

For handling the video taping at the meeting...

Jim and Brian Norman

For helping at the studio

Jim and Brian Norman, Reg Salcido

For providing the studio

Greg Pyros of Pyros Pictures


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