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Episode 1 of Look Up Tonight!
by Liam Kennedy July 30th 2003

Airing dates/times

The program was aired on COX Channel 31 at the following dates/times

Monday June 16th at 11pm
Tuesday June 24th at 10:30pm
Tuesday July 1st at 10:30pm
Tuesday July 8th at 10:30pm

Program contents

Highlights from the May 2003 meeting of the OCA at Chapman University.
Highlights (most all of it actually) of the What's Up by Chris Butler
Highlights of the main presentation by Monsignor Royer.

above... some stills from the first episode.
Top right - Chris Butler, lower left Monsignor Royer (note use of
infrared mode to show speaker in almost total darkness)

The first episode that I have created is basically an edit of the May meeting of the OCA. That meeting contains the What's Up presentation by Chris Butler along with the main talk by Monsignor Royer. With some editing, the entire meeting fits nicely into a 60 minute program.

This program was produced entirely by me. Although I had been thinking and planning to produce the cable TV program for about six months. Until I actually produced the first show I really did not know if I would have the stamina to go through with it. Once this show was completed and then aired on COX I really felt it was OK to extend a request for help to other members of the OCA in the production of future episodes.

For this to be successful going forward in the long term I knew that I would need to seek the support of additional members. Luckily that support was not a problem as the very next episode we had no less than four members helping with the taping of the meeting.

At least one observant OCA member noticed a typo with the titles on the first episode. You see it is actually called "Look Up Tonight!" not "Lookup Tonight". Oh well... that one slipped by the quality control step.



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Original announcement about the Cable TV program


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