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Image Gallery Upload Guide

Any OCA member can upload astrophotos, using her/his credentials

Just go to the gallery here.

Format of Images

GIF, JPEG, PNG images are supported

Size of Images

This applies to both the dimensions (width/height) and the physical size (in KB) of the images. I would recommend you re-size your images to no larger than 1000 pixels wide. Also if your image is more than 150KB can you please save it using a medium compression JPEG setting which will hopefully make it smaller in size. Thumbnail images of the files you submit are automatically generated.

File Names of Images

Please be careful in how you physically name your image files. If necessary re-name them prior to uploading. File names must not contain any "exotic" characters such as a single quote character or the ampersand character. Also the image gallery will be used by many members and it is important that image file names do not clash with one-another. For instance don't name your image of the moon "moon.jpg". I would recommend the following standard.


e.g. M100_LK_23052003_01.jpg

How to upload to the "Album"

First: you need to login. There is a link to the login page on the top right of the new Image Album area.

Second: you need to navigate all the way to the final folder (category) that you want to post your image to. Uploading to top folders is not allowed.

Third: at the upper right corner below the blue ribbon when it says your name, click on the left most tiny icon which has a picture of a photo on top of the earth!

Fourth: Upload! If you encountered any errors, please retry, as the gallery script is quite old and prone to misbehavior. A new gallery is on the roadmap!

Note: When you add new images you will have an opportunity to enter detailed Image Information against each image. Please fill in as much information as you can. Some of this information can be automatically created for you from default information that you can define in your member profile. Look at the new section at the bottom of your memberprofile here.

Editing your Images

The system allows you to edit/delete only your own photos that you have uploaded. You will see some additional icons below the thumbnails for images that you have uploaded or are assigned to your user name.

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