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The OCA Web-site on your phone!
A report by Liam Kennedy on a unique new facility. December 6th 2002

Experience the OCA Web Site (well a little bit of it anyway) on your own phone.

Almost every wireless provider have an available wireless internet service accessible from your phone.

You must have a web capable phone and have signed up for this service with your mobile phone provider.

How do you access the site?

Mobile phone systems are all a little different in how you do this - but basically you must start your phones browser and goto the oca web site at ocastronomers.org.

Don't forget to bookmark the page for easy access next time.

What information is available?

I have tried to think of the most appropriate and important information to be accessible via your phone.

Firstly you can see a list of some of the most important dates coming up (Anza and Black-Star Canyon Star Parties and the dates of the next OCA General Meeting).

Next from this page you can view the current weather conditions out at our Anza site as reported by our own weather station. This should be particularly helpful if you are out and about and wanting to check up on the latest weather conditions at Anza.

You can also view a list of other major OCA events that are coming up in the next few weeks (such as SIG meetings and Outreaches).

Is this useful?

Please let me know if you find this new facility at all useful - and make suggestions on what else you would like me to add to the mobile information.

Liam Kennedy

If you would like to see for yourself an online demo of what the site looks like in a mobile phone click here.

Note: this link uses a facility provided by a company called TagTag.com.

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