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Sample page from Video CD

System Requirements:

This CD and the video contained on it has been verified to run pretty well on both PC's, and Macs. Although it should be possible to view the videos from any platform with support for the RealOne Player from RealNetworks.

We could not possibly test this CD for operation with every combination of platform/operating system as there are so many different combinations out there and other factors which may impact the way this CD operates. However the actual video format on the CD is one of the most compatible versions available. The Real Player software is available for the widest array of computer types and operating systems. We are therefore very confident that you will be able to view the video on your system. Below is a list of the systems which have been verified to operate with this CD.

Browser Compatibility

The navigation between all the speaker videos and other information about the conference is viewed through html files on the CD. These html files may be viewed using Internet Explorer version 5 through 6, and Netscape 4.7 through 6.2. The preferred and recommended browser is Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

Real(One) Player software

The video stored on the CD has been encoded in RealMedia 9 format. This format is directly compatible with the newest RealOne player. It can also be viewed using the RealPlayer 8 software. If you use Realplayer 8 your system may download a new plug-in (automatically) in order to view the video. The free RealPlayer software is all that is needed to view the video however you may choose to purchase their "Plus" version to gain additional control over the video display (brightness/contrast and other properties). The choice is yours..

PC Compatibility

We have tested this CD on many different PCs of widely different specifications. From a very old Intel 133Mhz Pentium 1 with Windows 95 (with RealPlayer 8), all the way through to an Intel 2GHz Pentium 4 with Windows XP (using the new RealOne player). The PC is the preferred platform for viewing this CD.

MAC Compatibility

On the Mac side we have tested with OS 9 (running Realplayer 8) and OS X (running RealOne player). The CD does not autolaunch however you can manually open the Index.htm file using Internet Explorer and/or directly open the videos from the \video folder on the CD. Note all file names are stored in 8.3 format to ensure the maximum compatibility with MACs. In some cases we found the best approach is to copy the entire video from the CD onto the hard drive of the MAC.

For the best video reproduction you should install the latest RealOne player which is available as a free download from www.real.com
(note: use the link on the top right of the Real.com home page - and do not download the "plus" version unless you feel that you would benefit from the extended capabilities and want to pay for the software)

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This CD and the video content has been created by OCA President Liam Kennedy. The contents are the copyright of the OCA and the speakers.



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