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Below is the home page from the video CD.
Please view the sample video provided (a few minutes of High Resolution Video Imaging by Ron Dantowitz)
We recommend you test your system is capable of playing this sample video prior to your purchase of the CD

Welcome to the AstroImage 2002
Video CD.

This CD has been generated as the result of popular demand from attendees of the conference and those that couldn't make it but heard just how good it was!

The video content you will be viewing on this CD is the same quality and definition that our remote attendees viewed live throughout the conference. You can find out more about how the conference was streamed live around the world here.

In order to fit approximately 13 hours of video onto a regular CD it is necessary for us to compress the video and restrict the native resolution of the display to just 280 x 212 pixels. It is possible for you to display this video at double the size or even in full-screen mode.

System Requirements:

We have verified this CD is most compatible with PCs', but it will run on MACs with some minor issues. Details.

For the best video reproduction you should install the latest RealOne player which is available as a free download from www.real.com
(note: use the link on the top right of the Real.com home page - and do not download the "plus" version unless you feel that you would benefit from the extended capabilities and want to pay for the software)



Contents (in order of presentation):
View sample of video below (Ron Dantowitz)

 Friday night workshop

  • Introduction to astroImaging equipment
    - Gregory Pyros
  • Film Imaging Overview
    - Robert Reeves
  • CCD Imaging Overview
    - Gregory Pyros

 Saturday program

  • Advanced CCD Imaging: Deep Sky & Solar
    - Jack Newton
  • Film Hypering techniques
    - Robert Reeves
  • Can We Get Accurate Color in AstroImaging?
    - Don Goldman
  • Advanced Image Post Processing
    - Ron Wodaski .
  • Keynote: The Past Present and Future of Astrophotography
    - Jack Newton
  • Wide Field CCD Imaging
    - Steve Mandel
  • Systematic Film Testing for Astrophotography
    - Don Westergren
  • High Resolution Video Imaging
    - Ron Dantowitz
  • Schmidt Camera Astrophotography
    - Bill & Sally Fletcher

 Sunday program

  • Advanced post-process imaging techniques
    -Ron Wodaski

To keep in touch with developments for the next AstroImage conference please visit:


This CD and the video content has been created by OCA President Liam Kennedy. The contents are the copyright of the OCA and the speakers.


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