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AstroImage 2004 Talks

For AstroImage 2004, the Orange County Astronomers is pleased to again bring you a strong lineup of speakers and talks.
On Friday evening, we will again host a session for new astroimagers. An introduction to film, digital camera, and astronomical CCD cameras will be presented by Greg Pyros (OCA member) and Robert Reeves, author of Wide Field Astrophotography. There will be Q&A time available as well as hardware on display. The session is oriented towards beginners, but all imagers are invited to attend and provide tips and encouragement.

The Saturday sessions continue the OCA's tradition of providing a quality lineup of speakers to advance the art of astroimaging. NOTE: The following listings are subject to change. The order of listings does not reflect the presentation order at this time.

  • Color Balancing Astroimages (Ron Wodaski) - a tutorial presentation of techniques for getting the color balance right for your astroimages. Ron's talk includes an overview of basic processing of astroimages using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Getting to Print (Larry Arnold) - a discussion of color spaces, printer gamuts, printing technologies, color matching, and upscaling images to insure that your prints do justice to your images.

  • Imaging with Digital Cameras (Robert Reeves) - an introduction to the technology in the hottest new area in astroimaging and techniques for getting good results out of your digital camera, whether it is a fixed or removable lens system.

  • Using a Modified Digital Camera For Increased Sensitivity (Mike Unsold) - a tutorial presentation describing the use of a Nikon D70 with infrared and lowpass filters removed for increased sensitivity, especially in the H-alpha region. Setup, image capture, and processing of a set of H-alpha images from a modified D70 using ImagesPlus will be covered.

  • Crossing Over From Film to Digital (Loke Kun Tan) - an experienced astrophotographer's personal evolution from film to CCD imaging, including a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the media, matching media with optics, and special image processing required for CCD images.

  • Ultrawidefield Film Imaging -- A New Dimension in Astrophotography (Wei-Hao Wang) - A discussion of widefield film imaging with unusually high image quality. Wei-Hao's talk includes a fresh approach to film selection, exposures, and digital processing of astrophotos.

On Saturday evening, the OCA is pleased to host a special event with Robert Reeves (author of Wide Field Astrophotography) and Don Pettit (NASA International Space Station astronaut) who will make a joint presentation of "Amateur Astroimaging from the International Space Station". This talk chronicles their long-distance collaborations in techniques which allowed Don to do his own "amateur" imaging from the International Space Station. Some of Don's never-before-seen images will be presented as well as an inside view of astronaut life. NOTE: Don Pettit's presence is subject to NASA scheduling.

NOTE: Due to the expense and difficulty of finding a facility with reliable high-speed internet access for outgoing streaming, we are unable to again provide an option for long-distance attendees. However, the conference will be video taped and made available on video CD, so we encourage those who are unable to attend in person to watch the video and see the presentation materials via CD's.

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