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2004 Speakers
(alphabetical listing)


Larry Arnold is an Adobe Photoshop expert and part-owner of Cuztom, Inc. a digital imaging company which has operated in Southern California for over 25 years, serving the imaging needs of advertising, commercial, design, and corporate clients.

Larry is a member of the Orange County Astronomers, and an avid amateur telescope maker and observer. Larry's telescope, which always seems to be undergoing even more design improvement, has won awards at the Riverside Telescope Makers' Conference.

Dr. Don Pettit has been part of NASA's space program since April 1996. From Nov. 23, 2002 to May 3, 2003, he spent 5-1/2 months aboard the International Space Station as Science Officer of Expedition-6. During the stay the crew worked with numerous U.S. and Russian science experiments. Dr. Pettit and the mission commander performed 2 EVAs (spacewalks) to continue the external outfitting of the orbital outpost. The Expedition-6 crew launched on STS-113 Space Shuttle Endeavour and returned to Earth on Soyuz TMA-1.

Prior to coming to NASA, Dr. Pettit worked as a staff scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico from 1984-1996. Projects included reduced gravity fluid flow and materials processing experiments on board the NASA KC-135 airplane, atmospheric spectroscopy measurements on noctolucent clouds seeded from sounding rocket payloads, volcano fumarole gas sampling on active volcanos, and problems in detonation physics applied to weapon systems. He was a member of the Synthesis Group, slated with assembling the technology to return to the moon and explore Mars (1990), and the Space Station Freedom Redesign Team (1993).

Dr. Pettit is also an amateur astrophotographer (of the standard terrestrial variety) who owns a Questar scope.

Greg Pyros is an accomplished CCD astro imager, having had his images published both locally and in Sky and Telescope magazine. He is a member of the Orange County Astronomers (OCA), and has a pad and permanent pier at their California desert site near Anza, where he does most of his imaging. He is a charter member of the OCA AstroImaging Special Interest Group.

Greg is also the founder of AstroVideos, which creates astronomically related videos. AstroVideos produces both custom videos for astronomical companies and their own training videos. When not imaging, Greg is the owner/operator of Pyros Pictures, a 3D computer graphics studio which creates special effects for feature films and broadcast TV, in addition to producing commercials and corporate videos for clients such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, and Meade Instruments.

Web page: http://www.GregPyros.com

Robert Reeves began experimenting with lunar photography in the 1950's. He achieved high-resolution lunar images in 1961 and soon expanded his astrophotography to include wide-field deep-sky work with 35-mm cameras. After completing military service, he continued solar system photography with an 8-inch SCT. In 1977, he acquired an 8-inch f/1.5 Schmidt camera and began specializing in high resolution wide-field astrophotography.

Robert has authored a book and co-authored two others on space exploration and has contributed photographs and over 100 articles to seven astronomical magazines. His latest work is Wide-Field Astrophotography, published by Willmann-Bell.

Web page: http://www.robertreeves.com/

Loke Kun Tan is widely acknowledged as one of the leading astroimagers, having worked extensively in both film and CCD imaging. His works have been widely published in astronomy magazines as well as used as prime examples of fine imaging by manufacturers of astronomical equipment.

Web page: http://www.starryscapes.com/

Mike Unsold became interested in astronomy back in the 1960s when he started exploring the solar system with a 60mm Swift refractor. This early experience created a life long interest in science and imaging.

His professional career started in the late 1970s and includes many years of teaching mathematics at Kent State University and software development. Currently he is the owner of MLUnsold Digital Imaging and author of ImagesPlus, the "gold standard" for image processing of digital camera astro images.

Web page: http://www.mlunsold.com/

Wei-Hao Wang is currently a graduate student in the Institute for Astronomy at University of Hawaii's Manoa Campus in Honolulu. His research focuses on deep imaging of distant galaxies using various large telescopes on Mauna Kea.

Wei-Hao started his amateur astronomy life in 1990 and soon became an active photographer and writer in Taiwan. In the 90's, he published several of his images in Japanese magazines and articles about imaging techniques in Taiwanese journals. He stopped taking pictures for 5 years since 1998 as he switched his interest to astronomical research. After coming to Mauna Kea and being deeply attracted by the sky, Wei-Hao resumed his astrophotography and specializes in ultrawidefield film imaging of deep-sky scenes.

Web page: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/~wang/

Ron Wodaski is the author of The New CCD Astronomy, a book covering the practical aspects of CCD imaging. Ron has written more than a dozen books on various computer and science topics since the early 1990s, and he is the founder of New Astronomy Press. Ron recently opened Blackbird Observatory, a remote observatory that can be completely controlled via the internet. Ron currently is writing a new book on CCD Image Processing for astro imagers, due out late in 2004.

Web page: http://www.newastro.com

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