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One of the fundamental reasons why the OCA was formed over 40 years ago was to help spread the knowledge and appreciation of Astronomy within the local community. Every year literally 1,000's of people, young and old, get to experience the joys of Astronomy, sometimes for the very first time, when OCA Members bring their telescopes out to schools, libraries and other venues. We do this absolutely for free (although we do not usually turn down any donations to the clubs education fund).

The very active outreach program is run by Jim Benet and attracts many OCA Members to help out. Jim is always looking for more volunteers. The qualifications are simple. Whatever telescope you have is fine, big or small, it doesn't matter. You simply need to bring along your telescope and love for astronomy and be willing to share that joy with all the hungry eyes and minds that turn up.

The upcoming outreach events are always entered into the OCA calendar. The outreach events that occur within schools are usually always private (members of the public cannot attend unless they have children at the school). Other outreach events which are scheduled in some of the public parks and areas may be open to the public. If you are not a member of the OCA and you would like to attend one of our outreach events please contact Jim Benet if you are unlear if the event is open to the public.

Please find the contact information for our Outreach Coordinator here

Listing of the upcoming outreaches from our calendar

7:00 PM
Event: Warren Elementary
Date: Tuesday, 1/23/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:14 PM

Place: Warren Elementary
Address: 12871 Estock Dr.; Garden Grove
Location: 33°47’08"N, 117°54’36"W

Directions: Take the CA-55 S to the CA-22 Freeway. Go west on CA-22 to Haster (4.2 miles). Turn right onto Haster St. and go 0.5 miles. Turn left onto Twintree Ln. and go 0.1 miles . Turn right onto Sungrove St. and then turn left onto Estock Dr.
7:00 AM
Event: Castille Elementary School
Date: Wednesday, 1/24/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:14 PM

Place: Castille Elementary School
Address: 24042 Via La Coruna; Mission Viejo
Location: 33°36’50"N, 117°39’28"W

Directions: Take CA-91 E to CA-241. Take CA-241S toward Irvine; go 16.5 mi. Take exit 7 for Portola Pkwy. Keep right and merge onto Portola Pkwy; go 0.7 mi. Continue on Santa Margarita Pkwy; go 0.7 mi. Turn right at Marguerite Pkwy; go 2.8 mi. Turn right at Trabuco Rd; go 0.3 mi. Turn right at Puerta de Luz; then turn right at Via la Coruna. School is on the left. Set up on the field up the hill in the back. Enter through gate on the right side of the school.
7:00 PM
Event: Peters K-3 Elementary School
Date: Thursday, 1/25/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:16 PM

Place: Peters K-3 Elementary School
Address: 13162 Newhope St; Garden Grove
Location: 33°46’18"N, 117°55’43"W

Directions: Merge onto I-5 N; go 6.0 mi. Take exit 106 to merge onto CA-22 W toward Long Beach; go 3.9 mi. Take exit 11 toward Euclid St; go 0.3 mi. Turn right onto Trask Ave; go 0.3 mi. Turn left onto Newhope St; go 0.3 mi. School is on the right.

7:00 PM
Event: Gates Elementary School
Date: Friday, 1/26/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:16 PM

Place: Gates Elementary School
Address: 23882 Landisview; Lake Forest
Location: 33°36’57"N, 117°41’47"W

Directions: Take the 55 Fwy south to the I-5 south. Go south on the I-5 20 miles to the El Toro Rd exit. Turn left on Avenida de la Carlota - go 0.1 mi. Turn left on El Toro Rd - go 0.3 mi. Turn right on Rockfield Blvd - go 0.2 mi. Turn left on Silverbay Dr - go < 0.1 mi. Silverbay Dr becomes Belgreen Pl - go 0.2 mi. Turn left on Landisview Ave and go past the school. Turn right on Arrowhead St and the hop the curve at the gate.
7:00 PM
Event: Brywood Elementary School
Date: Friday, 2/2/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:23 PM

Place: Brywood Elementary School
Address: 1 Westwood; Irvine
Location: 33°42’43"N, 117°46’25"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South to I-5 South. Take exit 11A to merge onto I-5 South; go 4.0 mi. Take exit 99 for Culver Dr; go 0.4 mi. Turn left at Culver Dr; go 0.6 mi. Turn right at Bryan Ave; go 0.4 mi. Turn right at Westwood. School is on the right.
7:00 PM
Event: OCASA (OC Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Date: Monday, 2/5/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:26 PM

Place: OCASA (OC Academy of Sciences and Arts)
Address: 29292 Crown Valley Pkwy; Laguna Niguel
Location: 33°32’09"N, 117°41’47"W

Directions: Take 1-5 or 405 S towards San Diego. If taking 405 S, merge onto I-5 S. Go 10 mi. and take exit 86 for Crown Valley Pkwy. Turn Right onto Crown Valley Pkwy. Turn Left onto Adelanto Dr, 2.1 mi. School will be on immediate right side.
7:00 PM
Event: Buena Park Junior High
Date: Tuesday, 2/6/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:28 PM

Place: Buena Park Junior High
Address: 6931 Orangethorpe Ave; Buena Park
Location: 33°51’41"N, 118°00’46"W

Directions: Take CA-55 or CA-57 to CA-91. Take CA-91 west toward LA. Take the Knott Ave exit- Turn right onto Knott Ave. go 0.1 mi. Turn left onto Orangethorpe Ave. go <0.1 mi.
7:00 PM
Event: Mendez Fundamental School
Date: Wednesday, 2/7/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:28 PM

Place: Held at 2000 N Bristol St; Santa Ana
Address: CA
Location: 33°45’52"N, 117°52’51"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South to CA-22 W/Garden Grove. Take exit 14A towards The City Dr. At the light, turn right onto W Metropolitan Dr. Turn right immediately onto The City Dr S, 0.1 mi. Turn Left onto W Memory Lane, 0.4 mi. Turn right onto N Bristol St. T turn right into the school parking lot, shared with shopping center. Drive down the side road behind Target with the school on your right and Target on the left. Gate should be visible.
7:00 PM
Event: Canyon View Elementary School
Date: Thursday, 2/8/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:29 PM

Place: Canyon View Elementary School
Address: 12025 Yale Court; Irvine
Location: 33°43’37"N, 117°45’15"W

Directions: Take the I-5 to the Culver Dr exit. Go north on Culver Dr 2.1 mi. Turn right onto Portola Pkwy, go 0.6 mi. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Yale Ave; go 0.2 mi. Continue onto Yale Ct. School is on the right.
7:00 PM
Event: Anaheim Hills Elementary
Date: Tuesday, 2/13/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:33 PM

Place: Anaheim Hills Elementary
Address: 6450 East Serrano; Anaheim
Location: 33°49’47"N, 117°45’40"W

Directions: Take CA-55 N towards the 91. Take exit 15 for Katella Ave. Make a Right onto Katella Ave and continue onto Villa Park Rd, 1.3 mi. Villa Park Rd will turn into E Santiago Rd. Turn Left left onto Cannon St, 0.6mi. Make a Right onto Serrano Ave, 2.2 mi. School will be on your Right. Gate is at the end of the Left parking lot.
7:00 PM
Event: Fairmont Elementary School
Date: Thursday, 2/15/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:35 PM

Place: Fairmont Elementary School
Address: 5241 Fairmont Blvd; Yorba Linda
Location: 33°53’10"N, 117°47’28"W

Directions: Take CA-55 or CA-57 north to CA-91 East. Go east on CA-91 E to exit 36 for Imperial Hwy. Turn left onto Imperial Hwy; go 0.5 mi. Turn right onto E La Palma Ave; go 1.0 mi. Turn left at Fairmont Blvd; go 2.0 mi. School is on the left.
7:00 AM
Event: Beatty Elementary School
Date: Friday, 2/16/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:37 PM

Place: Beatty Elementary School
Address: 8201 Country Club; Buena Park
Location: 33°53’05"N, 117°59’28"W

Directions: Take CA-91 west to the 5 Fwy. Take I-5 Fwy west to Beach Blvd. Turn right on Beach Blvd to Malvern. Turn right on Malvern. At the first signal, Country Club Drive, turn left. The school is about 1/4 mile up Country Club on your left. Enter through the gate next to the blue colt mural and drive under the walkway coverings to the blacktop.
7:00 PM
Event: Northwood High School
Date: Tuesday, 2/20/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:40 PM

Place: Northwood High School
Address: 4515 Portola Pkwy; Irvine
Location: 33°44’04"N, 117°44’57"W

Directions: Merge onto CA-91 E/Riverside Fwy toward Riverside; go 1.1 mi. Take exit 40 for California 241 South Toll toward Irvine; go 1.0 mi. Continue onto CA-241 S; go 5.8 mi. Keep right at the fork to continue on CA-261 S, follow signs for California 261 Toll S/Irvine; go 3.1 mi. Take exit 3 for Portola Pkwy; go 0.4 mi. Turn left onto Portola Pkwy; go 1.4 mi. Turn left onto Yale; go 0.3 mi. Turn left. Turn right. Turn left. School is on the right.
7:30 PM
Event: Vista Verde K-8 School
Date: Wednesday, 2/21/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:41 PM

Place: Vista Verde K-8 School
Address: 6 Federation Way; Irvine
Location: 33°37’51"N, 117°49’38"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South towards Costa Mesa. Take exit 6B for 405 South/San Diego Fwy and take the exit for Culver Drive, 10.5 mi. Turn Right at the light onto Culver Drive. Continue on Culver for 2.3 mi - it will become Bonita Canyon Drive after you’ve passed UCI. Turn Left on to Turtle Ridge Drive and then turn Left again onto Federation Way. School will be on the Right.
7:00 PM
Event: Northwood Elementary
Date: Thursday, 2/22/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:42 PM

Place: Northwood Elementary
Address: 28 Carson; Irvine
Location: 33°42’17"N, 117°46’12"W

Directions: Take the CA-91 West left exit onto CA-55 South toward Los Angeles - go 7.0 mi. Take exit #11A onto I-5 South toward San Diego - go 4.0 mi. Take the Culver Dr exit - go 0.4 mi. Turn left on Culver Dr - go 0.1 mi. Turn right on Trabuco Rd - go 0.7 mi. Turn left on Yale Ave - go 0.3 mi. Turn right on Southwood - go 0.2 mi. Turn right on Colt - go < 0.1 mi. Turn right on Carson - go < 0.1 mi.
7:00 PM
Event: Olive Elementary School
Date: Friday, 2/23/2018
Viewing at 7:00 PM, Sunset at 5:43 PM

Place: Olive Elementary School
Address: 3038 N Magnolia Avenue; Orange
Location: 33°50’24"N, 117°50’39"W

Directions: Merge onto I-5 N; go 2.5 mi. Take exit 103A for California 55 N; go 0.2 mi. Keep left and merge onto CA-55 N; go 6.2 mi. Take exit 17 toward Nohl Ranch Rd/Lincoln Ave; go 0.2 mi. Turn left onto N Santiago Blvd (signs for Santigo Blvd N/Lincoln Ave/Nohl Ranch Rd). Turn left at the 1st cross street onto E Lincoln Ave; go 0.7 mi. Turn right onto N Olive Ave; go .02 mi staying on Olive past Buena Vista Ave and just before the turn onto Orange-Olive, turn right through the school gate and go right onto the basketball courts for telescope set-up

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