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One of the fundamental reasons why the OCA was formed over 40 years ago was to help spread the knowledge and appreciation of Astronomy within the local community. Every year literally 1,000's of people, young and old, get to experience the joys of Astronomy, sometimes for the very first time, when OCA Members bring their telescopes out to schools, libraries and other venues. We do this absolutely for free (although we do not usually turn down any donations to the clubs education fund).

The very active outreach program is run by Jim Benet and attracts many OCA Members to help out. Jim is always looking for more volunteers. The qualifications are simple. Whatever telescope you have is fine, big or small, it doesn't matter. You simply need to bring along your telescope and love for astronomy and be willing to share that joy with all the hungry eyes and minds that turn up.

The upcoming outreach events are always entered into the OCA calendar. The outreach events that occur within schools are usually always private (members of the public cannot attend unless they have children at the school). Other outreach events which are scheduled in some of the public parks and areas may be open to the public. If you are not a member of the OCA and you would like to attend one of our outreach events please contact Jim Benet if you are unlear if the event is open to the public.

Please find the contact information for our Outreach Coordinator here

Listing of the upcoming outreaches from our calendar

9:00 PM
Event: Vanguard University
Date: Saturday, 7/30/2016
Viewing at 9:00 PM, Sunset at 7:55 PM

Place: Davis Magnet School
Address: 1050 Arlington St; Costa Mesa
Location: 33°40’13"N, 117°54’05"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South toward Newport Beach. Take exit 5B for Baker St; go 0.6 mi. Turn right at Baker St; go 0.3 mi. Turn left at Bristol St; go 0.6 mi. Take the 3rd right onto Newport Blvd; go 0.3 mi. Slight right at Arlington Dr; go 0.5 mi.
6:00 PM
Explore the Stars in the Observatory campground on Palomar Mountain. For details, please contact Bob Nanz or Steve Short.
9:00 PM
Event: Fountain Valley Rec Center (City Campout)
Date: Monday, 8/6/2016
Viewing at 8:45 PM, Sunset at 7:50 PM

Place: Fountain Valley Sports Park
Address: 16400 Brookhurst; Fountain Valley
Location: 33°43’35"N, 117°56’52"W

Directions: Take CA-55 South to I-405 North. Take the exit onto I-405 N; go 4.9 mi. Take the Brookhurst St exit toward Fountain Valley; go 0.2 mi. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Brookhurst St N and merge onto Brookhurst St; go 1.5 mi. Turn right into the park at the Heil Ave entrance. Follow the park road northeast pass the circle to the large parking lot. Take the ramp onto the baseball field at the east end of the parking lot. Setup on the baseball field.
8:00 PM
Event: Shipley Nature Center
Date: Wednesday, 8/11/2016
Viewing at 8:45 PM, Sunset at 7:42pm

Place: Central Park
Address: 17851 Goldenwest; Huntington Beach
Location: 334211"N, 1180033"W

Directions: Take CA-55 S to I-405 N. Slight left at I-405 N; go 7.0 mi. Take exit 15 for Warner Ave toward Magnolia St; go 0.2 mi. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Warner Ave; go 1.5 mi. Turn left at Beach Blvd/CA-39; go 0.5 mi. Turn right at Slater Ave; go 1.0 mi. Turn left at Goldenwest St; go 0.3 mi. Park is on the right. Drive into park and then down the path on the north side of the park.
6:00 PM
Explore the Stars in the Observatory campground on Palomar Mountain. For details, please contact Bob Nanz or Steve Short.

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