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OCA bought the club site in 1979. Club labor built the observatory in 1981-82. The mortgage was paid off in 1996. Plans to expand the observatory to include a residence were modified during the summer of 1997 when the club was able to aquire modular housing that will be placed in the area between the Football Field and the RV Area.

"Observatory Hill" is located just north of Ten Pad Alley and east of the Lower Pad Area. Staircases lead from those two areas up to the observatory. The photo at left shows the path from the Lower Pad Area..
The observatory itself cotains the 22" Kuhn telescope, a warming room, and restroom.
OCA President John Sanford poses with his 14" Celestron Schmidt-Cassagrain. The scope is located in the OCA Observatory.

The Kuhn Telescope plays host to many visitors who come up as part of school and college outings. In addition the scope has been used by Wayne Johnson and others to discover a number of supernovas over the past few years. For more information on these supernova discoveries go to Wayne Johnson's (aka Mr. Galaxy) home page. Here Wayne and Carol Copp share time on the scope. Star-B-Ques are held during the summer months on the grounds in front of the observatory.


Overhead Satellite

Site Panorama

The Commons ("Football Field", RV Area, "Last Members In" Area)

Anza House

Members Observatories

Jupiter Ridge

Mars Hill

Lower Pad Area

Ten Pad Alley

Observatory Hill

Upper Pad "Yacht Club"

Anza Site Resources



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